Cancer Pain Treatment

How to Relieve Cancer Pain?

It is possible to manage pain effectively in most people with cancer or with a history of cancer. Although a cancer pain treatment plan cannot always be relieved completely, therapy can lessen pain for nearly all people with cancer. Effective management of pain and other symptoms improves quality of life throughout all stages of the disease.

No one should hesitate in telling their doctors or nurses if they are feeling pain. In fact, pain can interfere with the effectiveness of cancer pain treatment, so it is very important that members of a care team know about any pain that their patients may be experiencing.

Assessment of Pain

The diagnosis, stage of disease, response to cancer pain treatments, and personal likes and dislikes are different for each person. Because of that, management of cancer pain at NM Pain Associates is tailored to the individual in order to be as effective as possible.

All NM Pain Associates patients are regularly screened for the presence of pain in both the hospital and outpatient settings. Patients in the hospital are asked every four hours if they have pain. They are encouraged to report pain to their nurse or doctor whenever it occurs. Intensity is measured on a scale of zero to ten. No pain is rated as a zero. The worst pain imaginable is rated as a ten. Every effort is made to provide relief and ongoing assessment.

Management of Pain

Over the past three decades there have been many scientific advances in understanding and treating pain. Researchers have identified pain receptors and clarified how pain signals are transmitted to the brain. These findings have resulted in more-effective therapies for treating pain in people with cancer. Contact us today for an appointment to help with your Cancer Pain Treatment. 


A Testimonial from one our patients who has stage 4 cancer and his hobby was to dance with his wife.. the message was as follows:

 ###  and wife, ###, demonstrating a Texas Swing Dance on Christmas Day 2020. He has Metastatic Stage IV Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. His pain was so intractable that Dr. Diego Gonzalez implanted a Medtronic pain control device on Dec. 16, 2020. Doug is moving much more freely now.


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